Cloud Commerce Pro Alternative

If you're in the market for a software solution other than Cloud Commerce Pro to manage your eCommerce activities, StoreFeeder is the answer you've been searching for.

StoreFeeder stands as a premier eCommerce management platform in the UK and Europe, renowned for its comprehensive capabilities. With a commitment to outstanding customer support across all tiers, StoreFeeder ensures users receive the guidance they need to thrive. The platform's cutting-edge software streamlines order management, product listings, inventory, and warehouse operations with ease. Additionally, it supports PDA functionality and integrates with various couriers, simplifying the order fulfillment process. In essence, StoreFeeder serves as a holistic solution for your eCommerce management needs.

Numerous clients in search of the ideal eCommerce software solution have experimented with Cloud Commerce Pro, utilised both Cloud Commerce Pro and StoreFeeder, or are thoroughly exploring all available alternatives to make an informed decision regarding the most suitable software for their needs.

For numerous individuals, the choice frequently hinges on cost considerations. For some, the deciding factors are superior customer support, the breadth of integration capabilities, and additional offerings. If you're still weighing up whether StoreFeeder or Cloud Commerce Pro is the right choice for you, we're keen to offer you a complimentary demo of our platform, customised to align with your business goals and present requirements.

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5-Star Service

Our five-star reviews set us apart from our competition, including Cloud Commerce Pro. We’re delighted to have all five-star reviews for our platform and work very closely with users to ensure they receive unrivalled support.

We take our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service very seriously at StoreFeeder, and spend as much time with customers as they need. Whether that’s during the decision making process, onboarding period, or providing general advice on an ongoing basis, our customers benefit from expert support and sound advice, on-hand 365 days a year.

At StoreFeeder, we also have no limit in the number of tickets or queries you can make with our team and there is no extra charge for hitting a limit. This means that when you sign up to StoreFeeder, you can benefit from an excellent level of service with a team dedicated to providing assistance when needed.

"What we'd usually complete by close of business on Wednesday, we're now completing by Monday afternoon.

This isn't just improvement; it's a complete overhaul in efficiency and productivity.

We also have 3 new members of staff who are now our fastest pickers”

Charlie - Managing Director,  

No Commission On Sales

Our commitment to never charging commission on sales is a trait that really sets our software apart from the competition.

The StoreFeeder pricing structure is tiered by revenue made through your eCommerce website and our affordable plans start from just £350 per month. You can see full cost details on our pricing page.

This is in contrast to Cloud Commerce Pro pricing structure, which charges commission on each sale made on the website.

Of course, the economics of which software is right for you will be unique to your business and its growth plans. We also cover this within our free StoreFeeder demonstration – so that you can see how our pricing works for your business in the short, medium and long term. We can even forecast cost savings vs other platforms over time to help with your decision making.

A Huge Range of Integrations

StoreFeeder software offers a huge range of integration capabilities, including integrations with the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, delivery providers, payment gateways and much more. See our full list of integrations to find out more.

eCommerce Platform Integrations

Our most popular supported eCommerce platforms include:







Marketplace Integrations

If you’re looking to expand your eCommerce business across multiple marketplaces, or you may plan to do so in the future, then StoreFeeder can support sellers across their own website, as well as:



TikTok Shop


Not On The High Street


Courier Partner Integrations

If you’re a business that uses one or more delivery partners, StoreFeeder can integrate with many of the world’s most popular couriers. We’re even part of the Royal Mail group ourselves, and pride ourselves on the integrations we can offer our customers when it comes to order fulfilment, including:

Royal Mail


Amazon Shipping



DHL Express


DX Delivery


Payment Gateways & Accounting Software Integrations

Keep your finances in check with our accounting software and payment integrations. This means that all of your accounting can be kept in sync – including paying suppliers, overheads and staff, as well as tracking order payments and refunds.

Offering a completely clear overview in real-time in regards to your finances. Our accounting integrations include:



Iris | KashFlow




How do we get started?

StoreFeeder offers a full onboarding service. Our team take you through every step of the set up process. This ensures that when you go live with the system, you are familiar with how it works and can get the absolute best out of the platform. This service is including in your subscription fee and not charged additionally as it is with Cloud Commerce Pro. This could save you between £500 and £3,000 depending upon the size of your business.

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StoreFeeder can offer you all of the above and much more, but the best way to understand how our software can benefit your business is to try a free demonstration.

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