Storefeeder’s integration with Amazon allows you to:

  • Manage inventory levels and sales across your website and the Amazon marketplace (as well as other marketplaces such as ebay and ETSY)
  • Manage product listings so that you don’t need to spend valuable time inputting the same product information and descriptions 
  • Easily update pricing across platforms either individually or in bulk, making sales and stock clearance easy
  • Easily remove product listings across Amazon, your website and other marketplaces so that orders of discontinued products become a thing of the past
  • Spend time growing your business. Instead of spending valuable time on the above tedious tasks, our software integrates with Amazon to make product management easy.

Woocommerce & Amazon Integration

An open platform built on WordPress, Woocommerce is simple to use and easy to customise. If you’re looking for the perfect plugin-and-go solution that integrates Woocommerce with Amazon, then StoreFeeder is the perfect software for the job.

Our software is especially popular with those looking for a more advanced alternative to the Multichannel for WooCommerce plugin, which receives mixed reviews and has limited support available. 

Unlike alternatives, the StoreFeeder plugin comes with support for Woocommerce and all other supported ecommerce platforms (Shopify and Magento). We can quickly provide a demo and support is always on-hand to quickly get your Woocommerce store integrated with Amazon.

Shopify & Amazon Integration

Shopify is one of the UK’s most popular ecommerce platforms, so it’s little surprise that integration between Shopify and Amazon is one of our most in-demand features. 

It doesn’t matter which version of Shopify your business is on either, StoreFeeder will integrate between Amazon and all versions from Basic to Shopify Plus.


Magento & Amazon Integration

Our software integrates with Magento (Adobe Commerce) and Amazon. This means your Magento store can integrate Amazon, with stock levels, orders, prices, deliveries and more updating in real time.   

Free Amazon Integration Demo 

If you own or manage an ecommerce website but also sell on Amazon, then you may find managing orders, inventory, pricing and delivery a challenge. Essentially, by opening up your business to another online marketplace (whether that’s Amazon, eBay, ETSY or any other popular marketplace), you’re doubling your workload. However, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way!

For a free demonstration of StoreFeeder’s ability to integrate your ecommerce website with the Amazon marketplace, book a demo today.

Frequently Asked Questions