"We chose our Multichannel provider based on price"

June 17, 2014


StoreFeeder Team

It's often hard to decide which Multichannel provider to choose for your business. We get calls every day from business owners who have bought on the "price" parameter when in fact they now realise they should have looked a little further into the reputation and indeed the software feature set of the provider concerned. Buying on price can be dangerous, the old adage ringing true, "buy cheap buy twice".For the more advanced sellers, it's often difficult to justify huge costs, where feature sets have been the main priority. Often those "ideal" features tend to be easily found using external tools, saving thousands in expense, a good example is Google Product Listing Adds (PLAs) - which can be generated easily to further market your products through your Google account itself. Those who looked for a one-stop solution found themselves paying high prices for Multichannel solutions.So StoreFeeder recommends buying on a combination of criteria including Price, functionality and provider reputation / support. If retailers are selling online today they need to retain as much margin as possible to remain competitive. Buying your multichannel "business Backbone" will be key in generating further income, making sure you choose the right one will be key in developing your business.StoreFeeder are currently offering migration services to anyone who feels they may have chosen the wrong provider, offering you a full assisted setup service to assist you in moving your multichannel operation to a better platform, speak to us on 0843 523 6610 or email hello@storefeeder.com for a full consultation....

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