The Top Three Things You Can do to Enhance your eBay listings

April 3, 2020


Ian Dade

The new normal, is anything but normal. We hope that you are all finding a path through this peculiar time and that you are managing to keep your eCommerce business going one way or another.

At StoreFeeder we are trying to help you navigate the pandemic and one idea we had was to ask some professionals for some advice to help with trading through this challenging time.

Enter Clare Haines, who is the owner of Network Executives, a company that specialises in consulting with eCommerce companies to help them grow the business.

Clare’s track record in this arena is excellent, having founded an online lingerie company in 2009 that went on to turnover more £7m per annum.

So, in order to give you grasp on getting the best from eBay, Clare has kindly shared with us the top three things you need to be considering with regards to your eBay listings. And they are as follows:

Tip 1
Check your item specifics – Most people create their listings then leave them to bring in the sales. However, eBay are constantly updating item specifics and to ensure that they are performing correctly and mapped correctly in the listing, you need to keep up to date with eBay's changes. Creating the listing and not updating it and revising it, is one of the sure-fire ways to reduce that listings capacity to generate your sales.

Tip 2
Check your Titles – Again as with item specifics, people create a title and never look at it again. Creating titles for your listings is very important and generally people do not think, but when you scan some listings you will see some very basic information is missing. My advice is to create uniformed listings that contain the following: Name of item, type of item, specific keywords and flow. The first four words are the most important. So, for example of one my listings would be: 'Panache Emily Balconette Bra' Try to use as much language as possible to ensure that you are really covering the item and leaving no doubts with someone searching as to what the item is.

Tip 3
Photography – Use manufacturer images if possible but be aware of model rights. If you take your own images you may need to invest in a small back drop – white is the best, in order to professionally present your products. Your product pictures need to be the absolute best that they can be – clear images showing the product, and its uses if possible. You are allowed up to 12 images per SKU, it would therefore be silly to not take full advantage of this. Your product in situ is always a good idea too. We need to remember that a lot of customers do not have natural visualisation skills, therefore the more you can demonstrate and show them, the closer you are to getting a sale.

Things are going to change and the culture of online purchasing is going to grow exponentially, people who would not have used the internet to buy before will be using it now and that will be set to continue into the future.

One of our customers told us that listing and ensuring all of the data is presented as it should be to work in harmony with the market place and search algorithms is the most essential part of his business.

Try out the points above and let us know how you get on.

Network Executives helps customers get the best sales and growth out of their eBay channels and Clare can be contacted on: 07920424163.

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