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May 29, 2012


StoreFeeder Team

Over the years Play.com has grown from a website that originally only sold region 1 and 2 DVDs to one of the biggest online retailers in the UK market. Since being founded in 1998, Play.com has expanded to sell not only DVDs, CDs and books for which it is most commonly known, but also clothing, accessories and toys. So, what do you get with a Play.com integration?

Play.com introduced their own marketplace called PlayTrade which allows third party sellers to make money from Play.com customers. In a similar way to Amazon, Play.com shows both 'New' and 'Used' prices for an item along with the different sellers offering the item so the buyer can pick their preferred seller.

By integrating your PlayTrade account with your other sales channels, such as eBay, Amazon and Magento, managing your inventory and sales with multi-channel software couldn't be easier.With multi-channel software it doesn't matter where you make a sale, the order is handled in exactly the same way from the one interface, removing the need to log in to each sales channel individually.

  • Download your Play.com orders, along with eBay orders, Magento orders and so on
  • Pick, pack and dispatch orders with integrated couriers
  • Send tracking information to Play.com, which will then be passed on to the customer
  • Update and synchronise inventory so all channels are aware of the sale

If you'd like to learn more about multi-channel integration then watch our short video.

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