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February 7, 2012


StoreFeeder Team

In my previous post we looked at Magento integration and the level of management available using multi-channel software, today I'll be discussing eBay integration...

When you think about selling online what's one of the first words that comes to mind? eBay, right? It's no wonder, as a company they've been around since 1995 and have become a multi-billion dollar business. eBay is a marketplace used by both private and business sellers worldwide and given how simple it is to set up an online store more and more companies are making the leap.eBay is however one of many sales channels available, and while they have a HUGE user base, there are a number of additional sales channels that can help businesses increase their product reach. If you're thinking Amazon, Play, PIXmania and your very own website as a few examples then you're reading my mind.As an online retailer if you're looking at branching out onto other sales channels, or if you already have then one of the problems you face is the amount of admin involved keeping on top of your product listings and stock levels.This is where multi-channel management software comes in.There are a number of benefits you can gain by utilising software for eBay integration;FeatureBenefitOne of it's main purposes is to keep your inventory levels synchronised across all of your sales channels, so if you sell something on eBay that will be then be communicated back to the software and your inventory levels adjusted accordingly.No need to worry about selling items you no longer have in stock!You only need to use one interface to manage your orders from multiple websites and marketplaces.Everything is one place, saving you loads of time you would have spent switching between accounts.You can see a general performance overview and produce performance reports which allows you to compare bestsellers across your sales channels.You can use these reports to generate optimised stock levels, making sure you have the right products in stock at the right time.You have the ability to bulk upload and revise listings.Another great time saver.With all these great benefits using multi-channel software for eBay integration means businesses can invest more time and money into growing their business and new product lines.

If you'd like to learn more about multi-channel integration then watch our short video.

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