Take a look at: Amazon multi-channel integration

February 14, 2012


StoreFeeder Team

Next up on our 'take a look at' journey is Amazon integration, one of the world's largest retailers with everything from A-Z (which incidentally is indicated in their logo).

If you cast your mind back to 1995 you may or may not remember that Amazon actually started out as an online bookstore. They have of course since added many other product lines to their catalogue including DVDs, CDs, MP3s, software, electronics, furniture, toys, clothing and even food.While Amazon may still be running several stores in beta, such as the Clothing Store and the Grocery Store, they are definitely a household name with it comes to online shopping with more and more consumers opting to browse Amazon's 'aisles' over bricks and mortar shops.

And in true integration style, having an Amazon account along with an eBay, Play, Magento and many others in one location means you can grow your business without all the extra time and resources.Along with the benefits mentioned in my previous post about eBay integration, by managing your Amazon account from multi-channel software you will be able to;

  • Download your Amazon orders, along with eBay orders, Magento orders and so on
  • Pick, pack and dispatch orders with integrated couriers
  • Send tracking information to Amazon, which will then be passed on to the customer
  • Update and synchronise inventory so all channels are aware of the sale

If you'd like to learn more about multi-channel integration then watch our short video.

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