StoreFeeder Virtual Sessions 2020 - Smarter Marketplaces Recap

October 29, 2020


Jack Liptrott

Smarter Marketplaces

Catch up with the first of this year’s StoreFeeder sessions, Smarter Marketplaces. We cover the following topics;

  • eBay Business Policies
  • Using Business Policies in StoreFeeder
  • Amazon Shipping Options
  • Working with Amazon Shipments in StoreFeeder
  • eBay Managed Payments
  • Supplier stock feeds in StoreFeeder
  • StoreFeeder’s Inventory Modifiers
  • eBay Listing Templates in StoreFeeder
  • eBay Default Values in StoreFeeder
  • Mapping eBay item specifics in StoreFeeder
  • How and why to unify SKUs across your products and listings
  • Bulk 3rd Party listing to Amazon
  • How to enhance your eBay listings with eCommerce consultant Clare Haines, of Network Executives

Clare is available for consulting work, either to run and manage eBay shops or short term contracts for training. She can be contacted by emailing

Clare's new business that was briefly mentioned during the Session is focused around redundant stock. If you do have redundant stock, Clare's new business may be interested in purchasing goods.

Smarter Marketplaces - Session Slides


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