StoreFeeder - User Voice Updates

March 22, 2016


Ian Dade

Some great suggestions have been coming in on User Voice and we have been listening and busy implementing some of the ideas into the latest software update releases alongside the StoreFeeder led developments.


Latest ReleasesHere are just a few of the latest updates that are now live on StoreFeeder thanks to User Voice suggestions:WooCommerce - We now have a WooCommerce integration. This ecommerce platform is growing in popularity so we have made it easier for customers to now integrate. See the user voice suggestion hereFull logging of all inventory changes for products - If you go to an individual product and click on 'Adjustments' tab, you will now see a full audit trail for the product which now not only shows manual adjustments, but includes all orders, cancellations, goods in activity and returns. You can also filter these adjustments using the 'Category' filter, so you can quickly filter types of inventory changes. See the user voice suggestion hereRemove Order from a Pick Wave - You will see the new 'Remove Pickwave' button in the top right of the screen on the edit order page and clicking this when the order is assigned to a pick wave will remove the order from that pick wave and return its status to 'Complete – Ready to Pick'. See the user voice suggestion hereFor more information on any of these latest releases, please contact the Support Team who will be happy to help.Recent Suggestions - Vote now!As you can see, making suggestions and voting on User Voice really works!! Here are just a few of the great new ideas that have been submitted recently. If you feel any of these suggestions would benefit you, please go to User Voice and vote!Add an option to duplicate orders - Would it be useful to be able to duplicate an existing order with the click of a button? Vote hereThe ability to save a draft listing for completion and upload to channel later - Would you find it useful to be able to save a listing you are creating so you can come back to it, complete or amend it and upload it later? Vote hereSuggestions currently under reviewHere are just a few of the recent User Voice suggestions that we are currently reviewing:Cancel an order and +1 or -1 from Inventory - The option that after an order is cancelled to be able to select whether to add inventory back to stock or prevent it being added to stockRecord of when and who amended a listing or product - We already record user amendments to orders but users think it would be useful to also record the person that amended a listing or a productDelete old channels from StoreFeeder - If you have a channel that you no longer use, would it be useful to be able to delete the integration rather than just turn it off? This functionality is available to StoreFeeder Support Staff and we are considering if it is viable to roll this out to Admin UsersThanks again for all your suggestions, please keep them coming!! StoreFeeder users come up with great suggestions and every idea is looked at. If you like an idea, vote! When ideas gain support, we listen and see if it is possible.Look out for more updates next month!The StoreFeeder Team

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