StoreFeeder App Update – Release Notes – Version 2.7.0

November 9, 2022


Ian Dade

Update Summary - Release Notes

Welcome to the latest update post for the StoreFeeder App.

The new version of the app will be - 2.7.0, and should be available at 12:00pm on Thursday 10th November 2022.

Improvements to Stock Takes
Stock takes have been enhanced to filter by a stock take type.

We have added 2 new types of stock take which will filter the locations/products accordingly. The stock take types are now:

1. System led - gives a randomly selected location and product to stock take. Product and location combinations that have had a stock take in the last 5 days are excluded.
2. Pickwave stock problem - this shows stock takes required for stock problems raised during the picking process. (This applies to accounts that use the Multiple Stock Location feature only)
3. Best selling products - will filter by the best selling products based on 30 days of sales.
4. Manual search - you can choose the product and location to stock take

Stock takes can then be approved via the app or website depending on the user permissions.

Change to the Navigation Bar
We have also made some design changes to the navigation bar to make it more obvious which sections are actions. Now each section with multiple actions has a header with the available actions underneath.

As an example, the Transfers section looked like this, with the "Transfers" text actually being an action.

Now, with no actual change to the Transfers functionality, it will appear like this, with a Transfers heading showing the 3 available actions in a clearer way.

That concludes the update release notes for Version 2.7.0

The StoreFeeder App Team

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