StoreFeeder App Update - Release Notes - Version 2.5.0

September 13, 2022


Ian Dade

Update Summary - Release Notes

Welcome to the latest update post for the StoreFeeder App.

The current version of the app is now - 2.5.0

Pickwaves that are in progress can now be claimed and completed by another picker:
Pickers can leave a pickwave mid-pick and it can then be assigned to another picker to complete.

The new picker can click on the list of pickwaves and the one they wish to work on is already in progress, when they allocate to themselves, they are asked for a reason for reassigning.

The pickwave will then load at the position the previous picker got to.

The pickwave audit will also reflect any changes.

This now means an order could be picked by multiple pickers and this is catered for on the relevant screens and reports, for example the Designated Picker on the Edit Order page and the Picker Productivity report.

Supplier Carton Barcodes and Quantities are now editable and usable when booking in:
Users can now add and update the supplier carton barcodes and quantities on a product.

This is useful if a delivery arrives containing products that have cartons but they are not set on StoreFeeder. You can enquire on the product using the product barcode or SKU and then edit the supplier carton and quantity.

These carton barcodes can now also be used when booking in deliveries. When you scan the carton barcode on the booking in page it will then increase by the carton quantity.

Product Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) is now editable on the Product section:
Users can now add or update the MPN on the product section of the app.

That concludes the update release notes for Version 2.5.0

The StoreFeeder App Team

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