Omnichannel Retail - what's that?

February 18, 2014


StoreFeeder Team

What is Omnichannel retailing? The Wikipedia explanation details that Omnichannel retailing includes ALL channels such as telephone orders, bricks and mortar, catalogue, EPOS, on-line sales, mobile etc., but in reality this does not change the concept that StoreFeeder have been promoting for many years. The whole point of Omnichannel sales is to allow brands to be consistent in their advertising, pricing policies, inventory control and branding across increased numbers of channels so that the buying public "touch" the brand as well as the product wherever it is sold. Omnichannel retailers can rely on services such as StoreFeeder to provide enterprise class tools which will in turn open up new sales "channels" in a more automated way. This provides customers with added confidence and ensures that they get the same great buying experience from the retailer or brand on whichever channel they choose to buy. So, the answer is really simple. Onmichannel retailing is just another word for Multi-channel retailing but with added processes to provide the buying public with a more streamline cross-channel approach. A great example of this is eBay's new "click and collect" service which allows buyers to order and pay on eBay, but to have their product dropped off at their local Argos store for collection, or a retailer who uses their stores to allow for on-line orders to be collected from their own stores, Tesco would be a good example.A bit of history behind the word for you. The "Omnichannel" phrase has been around since about 2009, but has been recently used more and more by those who are looking for a way to describe channel sales in a way that encompasses every sales channel and every type of seller along-side methodologies that tie in those channels as above. Our view on Multi-channel retailing has always encompassed the above and has not changed in this time. We do hope the above helps you if you come across this new phrase around the meeting table. If you'd like to talk to us about Omnichannel retail feel free to call us....

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