Latest Updates: October Edition (Royal Mail labels, Bluepark listings, & general improvements)

October 4, 2017


Adam Roberts

Now we're into October, and the peak time for incoming orders is around the corner, we have been working to make our service quicker and more efficient than ever before. Aside from many behind-the-scenes improvements, here is the first set of October updates, due for release today, Wednesday 4th October, 2017

Royal Mail labels We have made a major improvement to the way in which we produce Royal Mail labels to make them both quicker to produce, and quicker for warehousing. Royal Mail labels now function like other courier labels, so StoreFeeder will produce as many labels are needed for the number of packaging types in your order. While this process is now more efficient than before, there may be some changes required to your product set-u, to ensure you receive the correct quantity of labels. There is a section in your 'Product Additional Information' page where you can specify both the Packaging Type, and the

Packaging Quantity, which is the quantity of the product that will fit within the specific packaging type. If you have not done so already, please ensure you update these fields for your products, and StoreFeeder will produce the necessary labels for all your orders.

We are developing a new feature for a future release to 'lock' package sizes. With this feature, you will be able to specify a particular package size/type for products that require it. Posters requiring cardboard tubes, for example .If an order contains multiple products, one or more of which had a locked packaging type, StoreFeeder will distribute the orders into packaging types accordingly, and produce the correct amount of labels.

For more information, see this knowledgebase: How to set up Packaging Sizes. Increased number of rows on Stock Location file imports To greater benefit our customers who maintain vast catalogues of products across multiple locations, we have increased the maximum number of rows that can be imported into StoreFeeder when importing your stock locations via spreadsheet. Order flags via API Our API functionality is becoming more popular, and we are continuing to bring in new functionality. You can now mark your orders as 'Attention Required', 'Priority', 'IsPrime', and add comments to your orders through the Update GetOrder functionality via API. See our API documentation for more details.

Additional SMS status steps for Parcelforce integration We have added two new optional SMS status steps for Par integrations: SMS Start of Delivery and SMS Pre-Delivery. These can send an SMS to your customer informing when the parcel is ready to be delivered, and when the delivery has begun. To activate one of both of these steps, please contact our support team.'Warehouse Zone' added to product additional information. For accounts with multi-stock locations active In the product 'Additional Information' tab, we have added a drop-down menu for 'Warehouse Zone', so you can now see the exact location of the product when assigning a pickbin to it.

For more information, see this knowledgebase: Creating Stock Locations and Assigning Them To Products Bluepark Listings For our customers who use Bluepark eCommerce software, EAN and Brand are now available fields for your listings.

New brands will be created in StoreFeeder if they do not exist already. That wraps up this release. Remember to use our UserVoice service to suggest any changes we could make to improve the service we provide you. Here at StoreFeeder, we pride ourselves on producing the best possible eCommerce solution for our customers, so please let us know what we can do for you. StoreFeeder User Voice From all of us here at StoreFeeder, Happy selling ! The StoreFeeder team Published 4 Oct 2017 @ 08:15

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