Latest Updates - Late February Edition

February 21, 2018


Jared Meakin

We’ve had a busy week here preparing for some new features into StoreFeeder. Most of what we have been doing are “under the bonnet” improvements and preparation for some new exciting features you’ll find out about soon. So this week’s blog will be somewhat short and sweet.ImprovementsPrint Assist Settings We have made changes to the way your Print Assist settings are being stored to reintroduce the intended functionality to save your preferences per PC instead of for all PCs you log into. We now have a different method of doing this that shouldn’t be affected by browser security settings.This brings with it a few limitations:

  • This method is incompatible with Private\Incognito browsing
  • It is browser specific so if you use different browsers you will need to set up your preferences for each independently
  • If you have a limited or locked down account on your PC then we may not have the required privileges to write\read the data
  • As with clearing cache and cookies, if you clear your browsing data the setting will be lost and need setting up fresh

So you may find on first login to a new PC that you need to set up your printers again but other than that you shouldn’t notice any changes in functionality.Edit Order page – Optionally adjust totals when changing Shipping MethodWe recognise the need that you may want to upgrade a customers shipping free of charge as a sign of good faith or for loyal repeat customers. So we have added a new option to the edit order page

This will only appear on orders that haven’t been despatched. The default will be to keep order totals the same. If you wish to increase or decrease to match the shipping method then you will need to tick the box before changing.API changesThere will be some changes to the StoreFeeder REST API that will follow in the next day or 2 with improvements to Product creation and Product Supplier creation. These changes do not need any amendments to your code and should be transparent.If you have any suggestions for improvements or further ways in which we can benefit your business, we would love to hear from you. all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.The StoreFeeder team

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