Latest Updates- February Edition

January 1, 1970


Adam Roberts

Warranty information for BigCommerce orders and listings 2002

UKMail Bagit Saturday services – 2283

Created a test order on dev (415275) using one of the Saturday service codes, confirmed that the shipment was created and the label generated as normal.Set up UKMail shipping methods using the following service codes:43 - Bagit Small - Saturday33 - Bagit Medium - Saturday23 - Bagit Large - Saturday13 - Bagit XL - Saturday

Tracking URLs for Orders and despatch emails 2119

When an order is despatched by a courier that also provides one of the following:

  • tracking number
  • consignment number
  • reference number

We have added links to the 'Order Shipping' tab of the 'Edit order' page, and the 'Shipping and handling' section of the 'Edit order' page that will automatically direct you to the correct courier tracking page for that order.

For the despatch emails that are sent to your customers, we have added a {TrackingURL} token. if you include this in your email template, your customers will be given the tracking link too, so they can quickly click through to track their parcels.Order | Add Link to Allow Customer to Navigate to Courier Order Tracking Page – 2274

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