Latest Release Updates – 9th April 2021

April 9, 2021


Harry James

Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post.

It's about time... restrictions are loosening up as of the 12th of April; we can enjoy a pint in a beer garden with our freshly trimmed haircuts or perhaps visit the Zoo for a nice day out with the family. I'm sure I'm not the only one excited about everything we will be able to do that we haven't been able to do for so long now.

We've all got something else to be excited about as well, a brand new StoreFeeder update! The ability to Clone orders is a particularly strong highlight of this release.

As always, there has been a lot of work in the background but there have been some great updates and new features released in this update, the highlights of which are below:

Clone Orders Function

Crikey, this one's a big one! I think a lot of you reading this probably wanted this feature to be in StoreFeeder for a long time, well here it is, you can now clone orders in StoreFeeder.

Open any order in StoreFeeder and you'll now see that the option to clone it exists in the top right of the page to the left of the "Reprint Invoice" button.

Clicking this button will bring up the option to select which channel this order will be cloned under; you can only select phone channels here, it will not be possible to clone an order under any other type of channel.

Clicking the "Clone" button will then do as it says on the tin and clone the order with it's own new order number. The cloned order will have an order status of "Draft", this is because you will need to choose a payment option for the order before it becomes "Complete (Ready to Pick)".

Consolidated Picking Change

Great news, you can now choose whether a pickwave uses consolidated picking or not upon the creation of a pickwave.

Previously, it was possible to set your pickwaves to use consolidated picking through the "Despatch Mode" options in your StoreFeeder settings; this still exists but now functions as a toggle for the default option when creating a pickwave.

Now, when you create a pickwave, you'll see there is an extra toggle for selecting whether you want it to make use of our consolidated picking feature as shown below:

EKM Bulk Listing Update

A very short and sweet EKM integration update - you can now import/export listings from EKM so that you can change or view the data in bulk as you wish.

For a guide on using our listing import/export feature, please see our knowledge base article here:

Mobile App User Permissions

One for our Mobile App users - you can now set user permissions for the app using the existing user permissions page on the StoreFeeder site.

Open any user's permissions and you'll find there is new section for "Mobile App Permissions" as shown below:

Our mobile app is paid add-on. If you're not already an app user and think you might be interested in using it, please let it be known to our support team via the link below and they will be happy to point you in the right direction of a demo.

Support contact link:


There have been some great new features and fixes implemented this release and we hope you find them useful in one way or another.

As always we’ll keep working hard to provide you with the best service we can.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.

The StoreFeeder Team

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