Latest Release Updates – 4th February 2019

February 5, 2019


Ian Dade

Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post Christmas seems a distant memory, Dry January has been and gone and the winter weather certainly seems to have arrived, but a little snow and frost does not stop StoreFeeder from bringing you some great new updates this month As always, there has been a lot of work in the background but there have been some great updates and new features released this month, the highlights of which are below: OnBuy is now fully live

We have had an OnBuy integration for a few months now, but it only allowed you to download orders and send despatch notifications. Well, after some hard work, we can now offer the full OnBuy Package!You can now manage inventory and list out to OnBuy providing that the products already exist in the OnBuy catalogue of products. If you want to list a product that is not currently in the OnBuy catalogue you have to add this product through the OnBuy portal for approval, but once it is active, you can list to it through StoreFeeder

You can now refund eBay orders through PayPal directly from StoreFeeder


We are particularly pleased with this update. You can now click straight through to the PayPal transaction for eBay orders and action the refund there and then. No need to log in to different portals, copy order numbers etc. Just click and refund! This video explains a little more about the process.[video width="1920" height="914" mp4=""][/video]To use this function you need to have PayPal set up as a Payment Gateway on StoreFeeder. You can see the Knowledge Base Guide on how to do this here As this is a new feature you also need to complete the section below, which is not detailed in the Knowledge Base Guide

You can now edit Pending TransfersWe heard from a few users that on occasions it was necessary to adjust a pending transfer. You may have put 800 on a pending transfer and a pallet contains 820 unitsIt would be good if you could amend the pending transfer before it is actioned. Well now you can! On the Pending Transfer page on the main system, you can now see an edit button on each transfer.

This will pop up a new box where the transfer can be amended

Improvements to the Barcode Despatch function When multiple products are required for an order, it was reported that some users were finding it hard to identify the other products required as the products did not show SKU or name on them. So we have added both MPN and EAN on the area that shows which additional items the packer needs to find and scan to despatch the order.

Shopify Listings can now be "Unpublished"

Previously, StoreFeeder sending a zero qty to Shopify would mark the product as OUT OF STOCK. You can now choose to have these listing not show when stock reaches zero.There is a new setting on the Shopify integration page. Switching this to ON will remove the listings on Shopify when inventory is zero

Coming Soon....Keep your eyes out for a blog post around our new Quarantined Stock Feature

Finally....As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements or further ways in which we can benefit your business, we would love to hear from you. all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.The StoreFeeder Team

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