Latest Release Updates – 4th April 2019

April 5, 2019


Harry James

Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post.With March now behind us we're kick starting April with a fresh update for you all. I hope you weren't all subject to too many April Fools!

As always, there has been a lot of work in the background but there have been some great updates and new features released this month, the highlights of which are below:DHL Integration Released

For those of you who have been using our new DHL integration this may not come as news but to the rest of you, our DHL integration is now up and running!As with all our integrations, if you want to set up one with DHL you will need to head over to "Settings"->"Integration Manager"->"+New Integration".

For further help on setting up an integration for DHL, please see our knowledge base - 01. Integrating with DHL Express.

URL Slug changes in WooCommerce

WooCommerce gets some more treatment this update with changes to URL slug settings within StoreFeeder.Previously the slug within a WooCommerce listing URL was, by default, the product SKU. This however, was not very effective for website SEO so we have now added a feature that allows you to choose what we generate the URL slug from.If you head over to your WooCommerce integration page you will see there is now an option under "WooCommerce Settings" titled "Generate slug from". You can then choose where we generate the URL slug from, from the drop down list as shown in the picture below:

Don't forget to save any settings you change by hitting the save button at the bottom of the page!Time that user's last logged in on StoreFeeder

We've added an additional log to the "Users" page that shows what time they last logged on, this is a useful addition to this page for a plethora of reasons.You can find the time last logged in under the "Last Logged In" column next to the date which the user last logged in on.

Finally….There's been some great new features and fixes implemented this release and we hope you find them useful in one way or another.As always we'll keep working hard to provide you with the best service we can.From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.The StoreFeeder Team

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