Latest Release Updates – 29th April 2022

April 29, 2022


Harry James

Welcome to the latest Release Update blog post.

It's been a while! I hope you're all doing well and your sales numbers are as well.

These release notes are perhaps a little longer than usual as, although we've had plenty of updates since I last wrote, they've been mostly filled with a lot of behind the scenes work - things you'll have already appreciated without even knowing I'm sure. What I've done is compiled some of the bigger, more obvious updates we've had over the past few months and tied them together in one sweet, bite-sized release note article. I hope you enjoy it!

As per usual, our developers have been working hard to bring you an exciting update this month. There has been a lot of work in the background but there have been some great updates and new features released in this update, the highlights of which are below:

Magento Listing Store View Options

For our fresh Magento 2.X.X integration we've added the ability to control listing upload on a store view level. That means, when you upload a listing to your Magento channel, you'll be able to see which fields will be changed on a global, website, store or store view level.

Most that are making use of these different levels will likely know what each one is but if you are unsure, an overview of what each level means can be found here:

If you edit one of your Magento 2.X.X listings, you'll find that each field is now labelled with which level they will update at as shown below:

Also in the above picture, you can see that you can select which store view will be affected by the upload as well, giving you so much more control when you upload to Magento now.

DX Freight Integration

We now support DX Freight! If you're a user of this and want to get it hooked up to your StoreFeeder account then, fortunately, it's super simple.

All you need is to get in touch with your correspondent at DX Freight and ask for the following information:

  • API Username
  • API Password
  • Orig Service Centre

They then should be able to give you all the information you need.

Just one last thing, when you create a new DX Freight integration, just be aware that it is not titled "DX Freight" on our list of selectable courier integrations. It is instead titled DX API as shown below:

Don't forget that, once you have integrated with DX Freight, you'll need to create suitable shipping methods and rules for it. Refresher guides for both of those processes can be found here if needed:

ParcelForce Enhanced Compensation

For our Parcelforce users, you may already be aware that Parcelforce has a feature that when processing orders you can add compensation up to a certain amount on each consignment you create. Well, we thought we'd make that doable through StoreFeeder as well!

You can now select a compensation amount on each of your Parcelforce shipping methods and this is then uploaded to Parcelforceupon despatching an order with it assigned.

CAUTION: Just a reminder that enhanced compensation is not a free service and you will be charged accordingly by Parcelforce if despatching an order with it on.

You can update your shipping methods to include this by going to 'Settings' > 'Shipping Configuration' > 'Shipping Methods' in StoreFeeder and clicking 'Edit/View Shipping Method' on your Parcelforce services.

Once you've done that you should find yourself on a page that looks similar to the one below where you will now find that there is a field used to select which Enhanced Compensation option you would like.

Bluepark Multichannel Order Import

This is an excellent update for Bluepark users in my opinion. We've added the ability to assign a Bluepark multi-channel ID to your Bluepark integration in StoreFeeder.

What this means is that you can have an integration for each of your channels on Bluepark and actually be able to visualise in StoreFeeder which order has come from which channel. This is excellent for sales records, customer service and heaps of other things that I'm sure you'll find.

To add a multi-channel ID to a Bluepark integration; Edit/view the integration and add the channel ID you want associated with the integration into the "Multi-Channel ID" field:

If you don't know what your channel's multi-channel IDs are, you'll need to contact Bluepark support, who should be able to help you find out.

Delivery Confirmation Number Upload for OnBuy & BigCommerce

A handy little update here for both our OnBuy and BigCommerce users. You can now send delivery confirmation numbers up to channel when you despatch untracked Royal Mail 24/48 orders through StoreFeeder.

This update has been requested by many and we're glad that we could make it a reality. I'm sure this will help reassure many of your worried customers if their orders have definitely been despatched, without having to contact your busy customer service team!

To switch on this feature, you'll need to edit/view your Onbuy or BigCommerce integration and, on the initial page you land on, scroll down to the 'Channel Settings'; the option to send delivery confirmation numbers can be found at the very bottom of the 'Order Processing' section as shown below:

Decathlon & Debenhams Mirakl Support

Certainly, not a lengthy article to write about but certainly one worth mentioning!

We've expanded our Mirakl integration a bit further to include support for Decathlon & Debenhams.

A guide on setting up a Mirakl integration in StoreFeeder can be found here.


There have been some great new features and fixes implemented in this release and we hope you find them useful in one way or another.

As always we’ll keep working hard to provide you with the best service we can.

From all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.

The StoreFeeder Team

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