Latest Release Updates – 17th October 2018

October 18, 2018


Ian Dade

The latest software update is quicker than normal for StoreFeeder, we just could not wait to release these new updates!As always, there has been a lot of work in the background but we have some exciting new updates in this software releaseEtsy Integration is LIVE!!

Focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items, Etsy is growing in popularity in the ecommerce sector and StoreFeeder are excited to launch our direct integrationAt present this is only order download and despatch/shipping updates but the other functionality including listing download and inventory updates will be following soon.For more information on setting this up, please contact the Support Team who will be happy to help

Improvements to the Suggested Stock Transfers

We have improved the functionality of suggesting, to users of Multiple Stock Locations, when inventory requires moving from one location to another.

Previously StoreFeeder only suggested a transfer when stock in the primary pick bin reached zero. This was too late in some circumstances. So the system will now monitor selling rates and suggest a transfer of stock when the inventory level reaches less than 7 days worth of sales.Of course, these are only suggestions, but it will give you some warning that if sales continue, the stock will run out soon in that pick binUsing Supplier SKU and Carton EAN on the AppThis one is just for our app users, you can now do product interrogation and goods in using the Supplier SKU or Carton EAN

So where goods are delivered in an outer with a different barcode, this can now be scanned to confirm the contents of the boxPurchase Order ArchiveWe did it with Products, so now you can do it with Purchase Orders.

We like to keep StoreFeeder and clean and easy to use as possible, so filling up pages with old Purchase Orders seemed to go against this.Just like products, you can now set Purchase Orders to be archived, so they are still there in the background if you ever need them, but not cluttering up your main page on StoreFeederEasier to navigate tabsIf you use StoreFeeder in multiple tabs on Google Chrome or Firefox, then this will help you out

The tabs along the top of the browser will now show the name of the page you are on within StoreFeeder, like Orders Page, Products Page etc so navigating to the correct tab will now be a breezeComing Soon....Amazon BusinessWe have been working very hard on integrating with Amazon Business

For more information on Amazon Business, please click here. More details will be released closer to the go live dateDHL IntegrationAnd the big name links keep coming with the addition of DHL to our integrated carriers that users can use to ship their orders through StoreFeeder. We are a matter of days away from this going live, so keep an eye out on the blog for further information

If you have a DHL account and want to start using this through StoreFeeder, contact the Support Team who will discuss available services and advise when you will be able to use DHL servicesRetrospective Stock Reports

This one has been asked for by numerous clients, so we listened! You will be able to input a date and time from the past and StoreFeeder will email you a .CSV file with the inventory stock levels at that point in the past.So put the calculators down and close the spreadsheets, the data is right there for you.Keep an eye on the blog page for updates on all these upcoming features!Finally....As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements or further ways in which we can benefit your business, we would love to hear from you. all of us here at StoreFeeder, happy selling.The StoreFeeder Team

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