Lastest Updates - February Edition

February 8, 2017


Adam Roberts

Our latest set of updates is now live. We have taken your feedback on board, and integrated two new major features, along with many improvements to our services.Below is a short summary of each new additon. For more details, see our knowledgebases, or conatct our team at features1) We have added an Offline Payment option to the Edit Order and MOTO order pages.In order to streamline the order input process, we have added a new option: Offline payment. When you select this option, you will be asked to specify the type of order:

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Point of Sale
  • Other

This allows you to specify where your order came from without the need for long and cumbersome menus. When selecting other, you will be able to input your own descriptions if you wish.Note that when selecting Cash or Credit payments, a payment reference number will be required. Additionally, this feature will allow you to process negative payments if you need to, for refunds and suchlike.Knowledgebase article: Creating MOTO orders in Storefeeder2) We have added the ability to Archive products. This feature has been included by popular request from our userVoice service.There are many reasons why you may wish to hide products from your StoreFeeder interface, from seasonal or promotional stock, or simply to tidy your Manage Products page to cut down the amount of time it takes to process orders.Products marked as ‘archived’ cannot be added to new orders or purchase orders. They will still be displayed if they are present in any existing listings or purchase orders, and their sales histories will still be accessible.You can access this feature as a bulk action from your ‘Manage Products’ or as a button on your ‘Product Overview’ pages.Furthermore, you can filter your products to display archived or non-archived products, and designate products as archived during your CSV product imports.You can reverse the archiving process at any time by selecting your archived products and clicking the ‘unarchive’ button.Knowledgebase article: Archiving ProductsImprovements1) We have added an Out of Stock Threshold to listings pages in BigCommerce.This option was previously missing, but is now available to select alongside import and export.2) EBay Click & Collect settings have been improved and simplified.If you are a user of this service, you will now need to specify in your channel specific settings which option you are eligible for, ‘pickup and drop off’, or ‘pick up in store.’ When you view or create eBay listings from now, there will be a single ‘Click and Collect’ option.Note that your listings will be adjusted retroactively, so you will need to check if your options are correct.Knowledgebase article: eBay Click and Collect3) For our API users, we have added the ability to have a note per order line when you are creating Purchase Orders. 4) The size of the address on ParcelForce labels has been increased to 40 characters to match their new size allowance.5) For your Amazon listings, we have added the ability to enter different Multiple Product Number (MPN) values.6) We have added the ability to included a 'Reason' field for bulk inventory updates.When you are performing a bulk inventory update via a spreadsheet, there is now the option to include a reason as a field mapping.7) We have renamed some of the fields for Kit Products to make the process clearer and more intuitive.Knowledgebase article: Creating Kit Products8) The process for setting up Courier Labels has been simplified.When setting up a new courier who use their own labels, you will no longer need to call their support services to set up labels correctly. Instead, you will be able to choose from a dropdown and specify whether your labels are integrated or separate.Lastly, 4x3 labels are being phased out, but are still available on special request.Knowledgebase article: Setting up Courier LabelsThat’s it for February’s updates. Remember to use our User Voice service if you have any suggestions for future updates, or you wish to vote on the subjects already raised.From all of us here at StoreFeeder, thank you for your suggestions, and happy retailing! Published on: 8 Feb 2017 @ 13:30

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