Improved handling of Cancelled Orders

August 10, 2021


Ian Dade

When orders get cancelled, certain actions happen within StoreFeeder to un-allocate stock from the order etc.

But what happens if that order has already been placed on a pickwave, and is in progress?

Well if you are an app user for picking and utilise the barcode despatch function via the website, StoreFeeder now has the solution for you.

New logic in the system now allows for live updates to the picking function in the app.

  • If the cancelled item has not yet been picked, it is simply removed from the pickwave and the picker will not be asked to pick it.
  • If the cancelled item has been picked, then at the end of the pickwave, when the picker clicks "Finish" they will be instructed that the item(s) is no longer needed and a transfer is created for them to put the item back where it was picked from. Once this transfer is confirmed, the stock will update and be available for sale and picking again,

Both these actions ensure that the items received at the packing bench are just the items that are needed by the packer to fulfill the orders on the pickwave.

But what if the order is picked, the picking process is completed and the goods are sat waiting to be despatched? Well that is covered as well.

When the packer scans a cancelled item they will be instructed that the item is no longer required and to place to one side. At the end of the despatch process, they will be taken to the transfer screen to show them where to put the cancelled item back. Again, once this transfer is confirmed the stock will update and be available for sale and picking again,

The video below shows the new functionality in action.

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