Have you moved to eBay managed payments yet?

June 24, 2021


Jack Liptrott

eBay is in the process of migrating all sellers over to its managed payments process. This will change the way items on your listings are paid for as well as the way the payment is made to you.

With managed payments, eBay look after all the aspects of the payment process across your listings. Buyers will be able to pay using credit or debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. eBay will then send the payment for these items into the bank account you have specified.

How do I set it up?

eBay may have already sent you a notification asking you to register for managed payments and if they haven't yet, they soon will be. Nothing will change immediately, but you will receive advance notice of when you're expected to have moved to managed payments after accepting.

Can I set it up later?

eBay have stated that all sellers will have to move to managed payments in 2021. Its strongly suggested you enable it as soon as possible once you receive a notification asking you to register. You will need to have completed the process before the stated deadline to avoid any disruptions to your sales.

Will I need to update my listings?

No you won’t. Your listings will automatically be updated to include managed payment options. The same is true for any new listings created via StoreFeeder – managed payment options will be automatically applied when the listing is created.

You can read more about managed payments on eBay’s Seller Center.

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