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January 1, 1970


Harry James

Map Listings by Spreadsheet

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You know it's a good release when this amazing addition to StoreFeeder doesn't make the top of the list; we've added the option to map your listings by spreadsheet as an alternative to manually mapping through the UI if you haven't been able to use the "Map All by SKU" function.

For many of you, during the start of your StoreFeeder journey, you will have been taught the ropes by our incredibly talented and good looking onboarding team (that I am definitely not a part of). An option that they may have given you (If you weren't able to map by SKU) during the listing mapping process was to map by spreadsheet; it can be a lot easier to map this way if you are very familiar with your products, otherwise, it's likely easier to map through our UI as it allows you to search for the product by keyword and map that way.

Previously we had to use a tool that was seperate from StoreFeeder (though still created by us) in order to map listings by spreadsheet and it was only StoreFeeder employees that could use it as well, there was no customer-facing option to map this way. Gone are those days now and you will find that there is now an option to "Import & Map Unmapped" on our Listing Import/Export page:

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