Friday Round Up: A few ecommerce related blogs to add to your reading list

February 10, 2012


StoreFeeder Team

Brrr. It's cold out there! Hopefully the snow hasn't affected everyone toooo much, but if like me the weather has made you favour staying indoors rather than venturing outside then here are a few blogs to give you something to read with that cup of hot cocoa.

eBay Sellersphere -eBay Forum

The Sellersphere is's resource for business and professional sellers. A great place to find out the latest news when it comes to eBay, as well as tips and answers to popular questions about the marketplace.A post titled Your eBay selling questions answered earlier this month covered questions answered by Patrick Munden, Head of Seller Communications at eBay.

Q. Why can’t sellers leave negative and neutral feedback?A. We had a lot of buyers tell us that sellers were unfairly giving bad feedback. We want more buyers, and one of the biggest things stopping them buying was the feedback structure. We brought in the Resolution Centre to increase trust.

eBay ink -

Another eBay blog with opinions and perspectives on eBay Inc, but these posts come from an employee's point of view. Richard Brewer-Hay is the Senior Manager of Social Media for eBay Inc. and the chief blogger for the company.One of Richard's recent posts included an infographic titled 'I won it on eBay' which looks at the differences between people who have bought or sold on eBay, and those who haven’t.

Amazon Seller Support -

A blog from Amazon's Seller Support team. With the aim to pass on helpful information such as strategies and best practices to Amazon sellers.Over the Christmas period they released a 3 part series of posts with tips on how to resolve issues with orders, as well as many other 'Festive selling tips'.

TameBay -

While the name suggests 'eBay blog', TameBay actually covers a much broader range of topics, including Amazon, PayPal and ecommerce in general. Run by Chris Dawson, they offer industry news, selling tips and links to tools. As an eBay powerseller himself, Chris knows what he's talking about.

HubSpot -

This one is for your inbound marketing quests. Covering topics such as SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics, HubSpot offers a great deal of advice in the form of how tos, videos and ebooks.A couple of ebooks you may want to check out are;

This is just a few examples of useful blogs, of course if you have any others you would like to share then please do add them in the comments section below. And one last word of advice - Be careful on that ice! (I really didn't mean for that to rhyme, I promise.)

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