eBay rolls out new seller dashboard

February 11, 2014


StoreFeeder Team

eBay are finally rolling out the new seller dashboard from their Autumn 2013 seller update. There are lots of new features that include views on... Your current performance level and ratings Why you’re at that performance level Your progress and where you’re trending in the next evaluation Benchmarking against category performance on detailed seller ratingsYou can also... Receive customised alerts that tell you what you need to change in order to improve your performance. Easily see where eBay has taken Seller Protection actions to help protect you.For more information you can view this at http://sellerupdate.ebay.co.uk/autumn2013/seller-dashboard.Some StoreFeeder clients have seen this roll out already, some are yet to see it. Have you seen your account Dashboard upgraded? What do you think?

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