Contingency Planning for Businesses

March 19, 2020


Ian Dade

This is great advice anyway, but even more prevalent in this uncertain time.

Should you need to close your eBay or Amazon stores temporarily, be this for holidays or for other business suspension reasons, there are some useful tools available to help you suspend sales without losing stock and data information from StoreFeeder.

In the event that you need to cease dispatching orders due to the coronavirus, or a break in business activities, we'd recommend for eBay and Amazon that you enable Holiday Mode as this will be the quickest way to stop receiving new orders.

Amazon has a knowledge base for this help:

eBay has a knowledge base for this here:

Some web stores will let you put your store into "Maintenance Mode" but for all other channels and web stores that do not provide this function, we'd recommend importing a Max inventory of 0 against all of your listings to ensure the listings cannot be bought but that your inventory stays correct.

BigCommerce has a knowledge base for this here:

Shopify allows you to pause your site, their knowledgebase is here:

Magento2 has a guide for this here:

WooCommerce lets you set up a coming soon page, guide here:

The Support Team at StoreFeeder will be happy to talk you through these options if you need to activate them.

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