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July 14, 2014


StoreFeeder Team

Selling on Amazon? Looking for new markets?Amazon Sellers can often find it difficult to make the leap into multichannel, especially as eBay operates in such a different way to Amazon. But some good news for Amazon sellers - StoreFeeder's bulk listing tools for eBay can help with this.So instead of worrying about listing items individually, sellers can easily import their Amazon listings ready to distribute to eBay. StoreFeeder's bulk eBay listing tools allow sellers to pre-define defaults containing key parameters and selections so that they can easily apply them in bulk to any prospective listings for eBay. The bulk listing tools allow Amazon sellers to easily adopt eBay as a new route to market by simplifying down the selections one has to make prior to committing the listing to eBay. Simples!And your Website? Using the same tools sellers can also easily populate Bigcommerce and Magento systems with the same stocks, simply setup Defaults in the same way as for eBay, this time choosing parameters that are website specific. In practice this saves many man hours, complexity and relieves your multichannel headaches - so whatever your plans are regarding Multichannel or Omnichannel e-tailing, StoreFeeder has a solution.Give us a call today, we are happy to Demo the solution for you!

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