Amazon Logistics Ship Confirmation: Important Update

February 3, 2017


Adam Roberts

Over the next few days, following a service change announcement from Amazon, they are going to be making an important change to the way they confirm the shipment of Amazon Logistics orders.

Currently, ship confirmation occurs once the Amazon Logistics labels have been scanned. In accordance with Amazon’s new changes, shipments will instead be confirmed as labels are purchased. This will let your customers know their order is on the way as soon as you have paid for the service. Just like with any ship confirmed service, Amazon Logistics orders cannot be cancelled in StoreFeeder once the label is purchased and printed. If you need to cancel the order for any reason, you will need to do one of the following:

If you decide to use another carrier for that order, you will need to cancel the Amazon Logistics label by requesting a refund, and then re-confirming the order and tracking ID.OR If you need to cancel an order after it has been shipped confirmed, you can do so by refunding your customer. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our team on, or try our Knowledgebase.

Have a great weekend, and happy selling!

The StoreFeeder Team

Published on: at Feb 2017 @ 13:35

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