Amazon Fee Increase For Third Party Sellers

April 4, 2013


Jack Liptrott

From today, Amazon will be raising it's fees for third party traders. Below is the full list of price increases and which channels they will apply to for users of StoreFeeder.

An increase on Electronics accessories of 12% or 0.5 £/EUR whichever is higher is occurring across all Amazon sites. UK

Tyres 10%, Video Games consoles 8% Automotive 15% German Video Games consoles 8% Tyres 10% Spanish Video Games consoles 8% Italian Video Games consoles 8% French Video Games consoles 8% PC Hardware 5% PC Peripherals 5% TVs 5%Books 15% Music 15% Video VHS 15% DVDS 15% Video Games 15% software 15% VCF 15%

More information about the fee increase can be found here:

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