T-Shirtify is an on-demand printing business which enables independent brands and artists to set up their own store with their own merchandise. Ultimately, this means independents can generate a whole new revenue stream without needing to invest in website development, printing facilities and inventory. 

T-Shirtify will handle all aspects once a customer completes the checkout process – creating the product, packing it and arranging shipping & delivery. This forward-thinking business model generates revenue for independents, designers and influencers every single day. Before utilising StoreFeeder, T-Shirtify would fulfill ~100 orders per day. Today, T-Shirtify fulfills more than 1,400 orders per day, with the growth of the business accelerated thanks to StoreFeeder software. Importantly, the time that our software has freed up within the business has allowed these ambitious entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business and not order management.

“If StoreFeeder didn’t exist, I’d probably cry because we’ve built our entire business around that platform and the support that it gives to us. So T-Shirtify is a fulfillment partner and we partner primarily with channels that have their own audiences – YouTube influencers and things like that and we do the merchandising and website builds for those customers.

Before we started working with StoreFeeder the biggest challenge we had was when we had multiple marketplaces. So we had a Magento store, we had an Amazon store and we had ebay stores, but we had to go to three different places to deal with the orders. It felt like a very disjointed way for us to be able to consolidate those orders and manage them on a daily basis.

We wanted something that could connect to Magento, and to ebay and Amazon etc. but we also wanted something that, further down the line (if we added more channels) then we would be able to support those. 

StoreFeeder was the only one that ticked all of those boxes and we tried other solutions.

If I think back to where we were before we started using StoreFeeder, it almost seems like we were in the dark ages. We’ve gone from being able to process maybe 100-150 orders per day to 1,400 per day. They’re huge leaps. The big thing you get back from it is time. And it’s not just for myself, it’s for the entire organisation.

One of the standout features of StoreFeeder is multiple stock locations. So we can have a blank t-shirt or a completed t-shirt as one product and have them in different locations. Having the ability to actually do that is saving us somewhere around £9,000 a month. 

If we didn’t have StoreFeeder as the central hub, we just couldn’t exist and we’d literally feel as though we were flying blind without StoreFeeder there to support us. 

I think for anyone that’s coming into this, looking at it and trying to make that decision on whether StoreFeeder is the right solution, then my advice would be to just do it – and to do it today, because all you’re doing is you’re spending time that you could be working on your business working within it. And for anyone who is running a small business that is not the place to be, because your business won’t grow. 

So if you’re finding that you’re spending more of your time working on tasks within your business – just stop! StoreFeeder can handle all of that side for you and you can then go on to doing everything you need to sell more. So just go ahead and bite the bullet and do it. It will make you a better company and organisation.”