Initially founded by Paul and Clare Vallely in their parent’s garage, Rughouse has grown from a sibling owned partnership into a 27-strong team fulfilling 150,000 orders per year. The company’s impressive success has seen them expand globally, with products being shipped to  more than 70 countries around the world. Paul Vallely credits StoreFeeder with supporting the business on its growth journey. 

Watch the video below or read Paul’s own comments about how StoreFeeder has helped their family business to go from strength to strength. 

Storefeeder RugHouse from Peter Thornhill Films on Vimeo.

“My name’s Paul Vallely and I, along with my sister Clare, started a company called the Rughouse nine years ago. We started out as a small garage company in our parent’s garage and now we’ve built up to a 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 27 people working here, 150,000 orders per year – all online.

Our business simply couldn’t exist without StoreFeeder. We sell to more than 70 countries around the world, we ship up to 3,000 orders per day – from the smallest rug up to the very largest. We have seven different couriers and more than 100 different courier services. StoreFeeder has grown with us and it’s allowed us to grow to that rate.

Our dispatch team once was two people full time – dealing with a lot of complex tasks, from managing picking lists and packing lists to which courier services to send our orders with. StoreFeeder has reduced this down to a 20-minute task each day for one person. StoreFeeder manages all of our orders, all of our couriers, all of our courier services – it gets the right orders out, on time and keeps our customers happy. 

50% sounds like a phenomenal saving – it almost sounds like it’s too good to be true and it’s not until you actually see it happening in action that you understand that not only is it true, but this is actually how things should work in an online company. 

StoreFeeder is an off-the-shelf platform technically, but we have found there is nothing that we want to do within our warehousing or dispatch order management system that StoreFeeder has not been able to facilitate.

The key difference with StoreFeeder is that you can start with a baseline in terms of price and what it does for your company, and it will prove efficient and effective, and as your company grows it can grow with you both in terms of its platform and in terms of its efficiency. 

You might imagine that with all of the functionality that it carries, that it would be difficult to get on to, but it really isn’t. It’s efficient and effective for the smallest online company, from the reporting it provides to how it manages your orders, and then, as your company grows, it can grow and scale with you. 

The StoreFeeder support team is second to none. From day one to just 30-minutes ago when my last contact with them was, they have been phenomenal. They are basically like our own in-house development team but without any of the costs. We have previously worked with other companies where the support wasn’t quite so good. The StoreFeeder team is the thing that makes it tick. 

It’s revolutionary in everything that’s currently there and available, but, even better than that, it’s always evolving – so as our marketplaces change, it changes with it and as our needs change it also changes. And, as we put in user requests, StoreFeeder has actually changed to match our requirements.

StoreFeeders is very much the backbone to our business. From the day we implemented StoreFeeder it has been a phenomenal success. Everyone knows how to use it, everyone loves it and I only wish I had done it five or six years earlier. 

StoreFeeder is a fully-functioning operational system, but it has actually allowed us to change our mindset for how we develop this company. The speed and direction of our development has been totally changed by the functionality and flexibility of StoreFeeder. 

It’s changed our mindset, it’s changed our processes and it’s changed our profitability.”