A look at how StoreFeeder has helped transform one company from a small online business to the biggest retailer in their sector.

In 2012, we met Peter and the team at Aquacadabra. At this stage they were running out of a small high street retail outlet, with little stock control and a chaotic despatch process.

All stock was stored on the retail shelves, so customers from the street could come in and buy stock that was already sold on eBay but not picked. Staff were picking around retail customers, labels were being produced on the sales counter and inventory and listings were being updated manually which was leading to many oversells and in turn, poor customer feedback ratings.

All in all they needed a solution.

Roll on to 2018 and Aquacadabra now operate from an 8,000 sq ft warehouse, with efficient trade counter utilising the StoreFeeder EPOS system to keep stock in the warehouse accurate. In the warehouse, a dedicated Goods In system keeps the shelves stocked and inventory on marketplaces accurate, and an efficient Despatch Area gets the courier labels printed and the orders out the door quickly and accurately and has led to Aquacadabra processing over 1.15 million orders through StoreFeeder.

Goods In receive and put away using barcode scanning matching Purchase Orders to deliveries with one scan. Pickers now use state of the art PDA units to pick items for orders using voice activated picking and the packing team use sophisticated barcode scanning to despatch the orders and generate the correct shipping label from the Royal Mail, DPD or UK Mail options available. The warehouse is managed via pick bin and product interrogation using the PDAs and rolling stock checks are done using responsive and intelligent processes actioned directly from the PDAs.

From those first days with StoreFeeder to the present day, Aquacadabra now process nearly ten times as many orders per day and now utilise Seller Fulfilled Prime for Amazon and are ranked in the top 20 UK eBay sellers.

Owner at Aquacadabra, Peter Amos, speaks very highly of StoreFeeder and their team.

“Brian and the team at StoreFeeder have changed my way of thinking and have taken my business from a small online business working from a small shop to the biggest seller in my field with a purpose built warehouse and an operation utilising a high spec WMS system and PDAs that enabled us to be despatching more than 1,500 items a day.

The system is robust and feature-rich which allows me to run an efficientand accurate operation. It has given us the capacity and capability to expand our product range and sell on more marketplaces than ever before. This has, through increased sales and high seller ratings, allowed us to utilise Seller programmes such as Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, which we would never have had access to without StoreFeeder.”