Key Features

Point of Sale

StoreFeeder’s point of sale system enables you to manage your stock should you be selling via a trade counter or servicing walk-ins. StoreFeeder also has the ability to process orders over the phone or via a file import. StoreFeeder will capture customer information, order information and payments across all selling channels with ease, and store records in a single, secure platform. This makes it simple to track orders across a range of sale points without having to manually check each different system.

Order Processing

Easily and automatically route all channel orders to one location. Use pickwaves to allocate multiple orders to one wave to get your orders through to despatch quickly and efficiently. You can set the terms of this workflow and easily guide the entire order process for both selling and buying on behalf of your business.

Route To Right Shipping Partner

StoreFeeder will automatically apply the appropriate shipping method for each of your orders. StoreFeeder will also automatically update your order statuses to ensure that each order is where it needs to be during the entire sales process. StoreFeeder also has a multiple stock location facility and, combined with our intelligent warehousing solution, your picking team will be directed to the most suitable stock location to fulfill your orders.

Automated Inventory Updates

With StoreFeeder, you can reduce your oversell. When selling on multiple platforms and stores, it can be tricky to manually monitor the entirety of your stock and process orders for each channel. StoreFeeder’s integrations to your channels allows you to see all of your stock in one place, across various locations and will automatically update when an item is sold on any of the integrated channels you sell on.

Product Listings Feature

You can update your product descriptions, prices, images and more within StoreFeeder across most of your sales channels and marketplaces. This means no more logging into every platform and tediously updating each individual product whenever there’s a new line introduced or a feature is changed. Simply login to StoreFeeder, update your product listing and see those changes reflected across any or all sales platforms.

Reporting In Real-Time

You can use StoreFeeder to easily capture your sales data. This allows you to view and group products by sales and orders, ultimately giving you the chance to stay on top of your stock and purchasing. You can also report across channels to measure your success on market places and within your own stores.