Key Features & Benefits

Intuitive Interface

StoreFeeder’s intuitive main software interface and accompanying WMS App allows all employees, new or temporary, to be able to hit the ground running with the StoreFeeder platform. We call it; The Five Minute Rule. After orientation your staff should be able to pick, pack and despatch an order within five minutes. Book a demo and we will show you how.

Use Your Preferred Or Multiple Couriers

StoreFeeder integrates with some of the UK’s leading courier services, meaning chances are you can continue to use your preferred partner and, should you ever wish to switch couriers, you can do so with the confidence that it will be business as usual. We cannot make you future proof, but we can make you future friendly.

No-Fuss Returns

For many retailers, returns are a significant drain on resource. StoreFeeder’s marketplace, webstore and courier integrations can take all the hassle out of the returns process. Your customer simply uses their returns label, and once returns reach your store or warehouse, you can exchange or simply return the goods back in to stock.

Effort Minimised = Efficiency

StoreFeeder can be set up to automatically ensure that orders assigned to a pickwave are fulfilled from the most suitable location. This streamlines your processes and delivers efficiency to your business overall.

Streamline Your Pick And Pack Process

Reduce thinking time and minimise the risk of mis-picks and mis-packs by following a clear, easy-to-use, barcode / SKU-driven picking and packing system. This makes the lives of your employees easier as well as driving efficiencies in your fulfillment process.

Secure Access

Customise user permissions when accessing the StoreFeeder software for staff in different departments and differing levels of responsibility. This keeps any sensitive data hidden. All StoreFeeder user accounts are permissions based.