Courier Integrations

StoreFeeder will enable you to generate multiple labels, across multiple shipping services over multiple couriers. Automating one of the most laborious manual tasks necessary for the effective management of an eCommerce business.

Order Management

Allow your business to scale quickly by automating your order fulfilment processes and making data-driven decisions. StoreFeeder allows you to easily view performance at every level of the business, meaning instead of spending time gathering data and crunching numbers, you can make informed decisions that help your business grow.

Intelligent Warehousing

Easily organise your SKU's, fulfill customer orders and manage returns. StoreFeeder’s easy-to-use software supports barcode scanning, workflow automation, inventory management - saving you money and your saving staff valuable time. As well as helping to reduce pick and pack errors.

Inventory Management

Without knowing exactly what inventory you have and where, meeting customer demand across multiple channels becomes a minefield. StoreFeeder’s inventory management software takes all of the stress away. With our software, all of your inventory will be available across all channels. StoreFeeder puts you in control of your inventory. StoreFeeder also supports multi-stock locations and has a quarantined stock location feature.

Listing Management

Manage your product listings across multiple marketplaces, including your eCommerce store, Amazon, eBay and more. Save time by adjusting prices, upload new products, make amendments and update stock levels without logging into each platform separately.

PDA Functionality

Utilising either Android™-based PDA handsets or an Android™ mobile phone, the StoreFeeder App links wirelessly to the main StoreFeeder platform to effortlessly send and receive information about deliveries, stock locations, stock transfers, inventory levels and picking information, removing the need for paper in the warehouse and giving your staff a cutting edge solution to their tasks.