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Why do I pay a subscription fee whilst onboarding?

StoreFeeder is a vast multi-channel software platform covering order processing, warehouse, and shipping management. Therefore, new subscribers must be fully onboarded to get the best from the platform. We help each new subscriber input the cleanest data available concerning their products and listings. We give a personal touch and do this for every customer.

Therefore, as you understand, we must ensure the onboarding process is continuously moving to allow new customers to come on board. Back when we first started, subscriptions started from go live. However, we quickly had a problem. Many onboarding customers got very busy within their businesses, so onboarding went on the back burner. This creates a problem for us as we cannot onboard new customers. We found the solution was to charge subscriptions from sign-up, as customers tend to value what they are paying for and commit to completing onboarding as soon as possible.

Overall, being fully onboarded onto StoreFeeder empowers your eCommerce business to thrive in the digital marketplace, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth and success in the long term.

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