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Does the StoreFeeder warehouse management system cost extra?

No. StoreFeeder is a complete eCommerce management software; for that purpose, we believe that a warehouse management system (WMS) is part of eCommerce management and will always be included within StoreFeeder. Our WMS has been designed from within a warehouse environment; you can therefore be assured that it works in real-world situations.

We come from a third-party logistics background; StoreFeeder was born in that environment and designed to enable you to run your warehouse efficiently and effectively. The features within our WMS are in place to automate the mundane tasks that take time. Those tasks, if not performed well, cost the business money. We are in the business of saving you money.

The StoreFeeder WMS is comprehensive enough that many of our customers view it as a team member. When we speak to customers, it is clear that our WMS is the single most effective game changer in the StoreFeeder multichannel management system. It does not cost extra; if it did StoreFeeder wouldn’t be the end-to-end solution we say it is.

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