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Do I have the same onboarding person throughout my system set-up?

Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, you will have the same onboarding tech throughout the onboarding process. We believe that our customers are partners, and we accompany them on their eCommerce journey. It is, therefore, paramount that you have the same person throughout onboarding, as they will very quickly understand the nuances of your business and the fine details that your business needs to get the best out of the platform.

There will be occasions when you will deal with other onboarding team members. These include times when your onboarding tech maybe on annual leave, experience sickness or perhaps leave the business (this is rare. The average time served among our onboarding team is 6.2 years).

Your onboarding tech will get to know your business, they’ll get to know you, and what’s more, once you go live, you will still have full access to your onboarding tech for another two weeks. We call this early life support. But it doesn’t end there; once you leave early life-support, you are handed over to our first-class support team.

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