StoreFeeder COVID-19 Advice and Information Portal

Without a doubt it has been a stressful few weeks for everyone. Many businesses will be facing challenges unheard of and uncommon in modern times. We have seen some worrying cases of panic buying as people prepare for a potential lockdown and obviously get ready to work remotely.  

Looking at China, Singapore and Hong Kong, where life seems to be getting back to relative normality, we can take solace in the fact that this will come to an end, but we must face an inevitable, uncomfortable few weeks. Uncertainty is rife and business will be experiencing a whole spectrum of circumstances, ranging from a total sales drop off to overwhelming sales matching black Friday trends.

StoreFeeders core business is working with eCommerce companies of all levels. We understand the experiences that our customers will be going through and want share our experience and customers experiences that may be useful during this period. We would also like to share a few resources that have been helpful to us during this time, including the two sites we have found most helpful for the most accurate up to date global data:

  • Worldometer – An up to date count of cases worldwide, that do give some hope when analysing the early out break countries.
  • Information is Beautiful – A helpful page of graphics related to the virus.

The Work from Home Economy

The spread of COVID-19 has changed our daily behaviour and is creating constant and rapid changes in our economy and how we work and go about our day to day duties.  As we all do our part to help flatten the curve of the virus’ spread. There will be both short-term and long-term impact as we are entering a new reality: the work from home economy. A lot of us will be used to this and some won’t so here are some tips and advice on how to adjust to this situation.

Working from Home

There is always a box set to rip into or a nagging job that you promised your partner you’d do when you have the time. Working from home can be distracting here is some advice on how to be productive.  

Home Schooling

As the majority of UK Schools are now closed, home schooling and having the children around is a reality for a lot of us. This can be brilliant or it can add to the stress, here are a few links that you may find useful to help make the adjustment and keep the family working together.

  • Busy Toddler: Great indoor activities, especially for younger children.
  • Educate your children from Home: A valuable educational resource from the Government about how to adjust to Home Schooling.
  • Ideas for Social Distancing: If you’re looking for ideas of how to pass the time with your kids, partner or even the dog, this is a decent crowd-sourced list.

Business in General

The Government will be announcing many policies to help ease the stress and financial burdens that businesses will face during this period. Some of you will already be seeing business change for the worse. The Government have issued guidelines you can read here.

Other useful resources are:

Employee and staff advice

Additional Advice and Resource

We are all going through this together, if you have advice to share with fellow businesses please send it to and we will share valuable information on this page.