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November 17, 2022
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StoreFeeder - Did you know? Part 2

November 17, 2022

Over the years, we have added some useful tools and functions to the StoreFeeder platform. However, being development geeks and not PR gurus, we have not been great at letting the wider world know about them. Well, that is changing...

In the second part of our "Did you know?" blog series, we will again be pointing out and explaining some of the lesser-known functions, buttons, processes, and actions that StoreFeeder has developed all with the purpose of helping your business.

Right, let's not waste any more time.

"Did you know", that StoreFeeder allows you to configure and add your own personal "reasons for return" to use when handling return orders?

To enhance our returns function, we give users the ability to customise their returns reasons. Just because 'Damaged Goods' is sufficient for me as a seller of widgets, if you sell clothing for example, you may need more detail, like 'Damaged - Poor stitching' or 'Damaged - Stained' to allow you to get a more detailed analysis of why your products are being returned, and to potentially identify return trends on certain SKU's.

If SKU A suddenly gets a high number of returns with the reason 'Damaged - Poor stitching', it may highlight a supplier issue, which just having a generic 'Damaged' reason would never have highlighted.

To configure these, you go to 'Settings > Misc. > Order Return Reasons'.

Here you will see our generic reasons, and there is a button to add your own in the top right.

Simply click this, add the new reason in the pop up box and you are done!

Now when I use the return order function, my new reason is in the drop down to select:

"Did you know, that StoreFeeder has a "Quarantined Stock" feature that allows you to still show stock on the system, but for it not to be available for sale?”

This one is for users who have our 'Multiple Stock Locations' feature enabled on their account.

You have the ability to create a 'Quarantined' location that you can book stock into, or transfer stock into that shows the inventory on the system as physical stock, but does not show it as available for sale.

This is useful for when you have stock delivered late in the afternoon, want to get it booked in so you can see it is delivered, but not have it show for sale until you have located it in pick locations.

Booking the stock into a quarantined location will do this.

Likewise, you may need to QC certain SKU's before they go on sale. Booking into a quarantined location and then transferring out when complete allows you to do this while still seeing that the unchecked stock is in the warehouse.

To add a new quarantined location, simply go to 'Warehouse > Stock Locations > Stock Location Overview' and click the '+New Location' button.

Then simply complete the fields and tick the 'Quarantined' box and click save:

The location will now appear with the yellow/black marker to highlight it is a quarantined location:

To show how this now looks on a product, you can see in this example that we have 10 units in stock, but only 5 units available for sale as the other 5 units are in the quarantined location

That wraps up our second “Did you know…” blog. These two features are in the system for you to use right now.

"Did you know?" shall return.

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