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December 16, 2022
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December 16, 2022

It is an adage that takes up quite a bit of grey matter at StoreFeeder Towers, speed. Why is it so essential that your eCommerce website is fast?

There are a few answers to that. But for the sake of trying to keep this blog to a length shorter than the Bible, we are going to focus on eCommerce specifically.

So, then? If you’re in eCommerce,e some of your best revenue will arrive in your coffers simply because people are on their phones when they should concentrate on what is on the goggle box. They’re scrolling and searching and then purchasing. If your site is slow, you can miss sales, and friends is a no-no! It’s therefore, essential that you get your speed right.

What is suitable for the customer is also ideal for the business owner, right? StoreFeeder works with hundreds of eCommerce businesses. If you read the blog regularly and know what StoreFeeder is, you’ll understand that the platform can control almost every element of an eCommerce business. And by that regard alone, the platform is enormous. Therefore, searching customer orders or products through the filter bar can be slower than it should be.

Fear no more; we are bringing the speed you would expect for your site to the backend of StoreFeeder with ‘Search Everywhere’.

The Search Everywhere feature was released a while back (the search box in the top right of StoreFeeder). 

You will now see a new box above both the ‘Manage Products’ and ‘Manage Orders’ grids so you can have easy access to the data you need (We’ve included the most common things people search for). And the best part is that when you hit enter that the grid is automatically filtered to the data you need.

During your busiest periods, this feature will help you get information fast be it for customer service, order interrogation or product search for making amendments.

If you’re not a StoreFeeder user but want to see what total eCommerce control looks like, you can book a demo here. For the grand sum of £0 – yes, it’s free.

If you are already using StoreFeeder, give ‘Search Anywhere’ a try, we know that you’ll like it.

Thank you for reading this week’s blog. There will be another one next week.

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