A Blog is a Blog

24th September 2019

Sometimes you have to put your hands up. So this is us putting our hands up. Traditionally our blogs have not been blogs, not really. They have been more like product updates, so, we have retitled those ‘blogs’ as product updates and we now have a section that will solely be blogs.

We intend to cover issues about eCommerce and the challenges we all face is what is now the world’s largest and most competitive market place. We are going to try and be helpful and share opinions on subjects that matter. We are aiming to share a monthly blog and we would welcome your ideas too. You can email us here: hello@storefeeder.com

In other news StoreFeeder will be moving premises very soon, all the details will be announced in good time and we hoping that we will be able to welcome our customers to the premises to partake in workshop and training sessions all designed to help you get most out of the platform and in turn your business. Until the next blog then….